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About Us

Business Notifier is the premiere, easy-to-use, web-based enterprise class solution that includes a state of the art, alert communications system, incident manager and plan/document manager. The Business Notifier Solution was specifically designed for daily and emergency use by non-technical users.
An Overview
  • Delivers instant mission critical notifications to manage crisis or disasters and ensure business continuity.
  • Provides real time managerial intelligence to help your company’s first responders make critical decisions.
  • Provides resource accountability to help protect your company's greatest asset – your employees.
  • Delivers real time incident management information so that your team always knows where things are in any situation.
  • Allows for easy critical checklist, plan, document storage and retrieval.
  • Is managed and maintained by experienced personnel with top secret clearances in a secure, encrypted environment.
  • Is user friendly and designed with non-technical staff in mind. If you can type, check a box and upload a file, then you’re ready.
  • Is easy to use – learn to use in less than an hour with service activation in minutes.
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