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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Business Notifier System developed?
  • To meet the comprehensive needs of all companies by providing them with a dynamic, flexible, easy to use, state of the art enterprise class solution which can be used to notify employees rapidly, manage and track incidents in real time and retrieve and access essential documents.
Who are our clientele?
  • Our clientele include small, medium, and large organizations in various industries. Our solution is also used by federal agencies some of which require clearances and are entrusted with protecting our citizens at home and abroad.
Who are the ultimate end uses for our solution?
  • Ultimate end users of our solution include executive management, mission critical, critical infrastructure, business continuity, emergency preparedness and management, continuity of operations, continuity of government, occupational health and safety, security, administrative management, network and help desk, human resource, public and media relations personnel.
Does my company have to subscribe to all three systems in the Business Notifier?
  • No. Your company can get one or more systems with options a la carte based on your company's needs.
What about the privacy of my data and the security of the site?
  • Because of the nature of our service and our clientele, all company personnel responsible for working with our Business Notifier Solution have Top Secret clearances and comply with our company's privacy policy. The site is secured through SSL, which is evidenced by the golden security lock found in the bottom status bar. We track all IP addresses and times of entry to the site. More details on the privacy and security of the site can be found in the Terms of End User Service Agreement that your company agrees to when registering for service.
Do I have to use Internet Explorer to use this service?
  • Absolutely not. Our service has been tested against all major web browsers, so you can use the browser you feel most comfortable in using.
How can I get more information or a quote for services?
  • Send us an inquiry or request through the Contact Us page. Requests for more information, current literature and quotes should be made to the Corporate / Government Sales Department.
As a customer, how can I get more assistance?
  • Current customer requests should be made to your company representative. You can also send requests to our Customer Service Department through the Contact Us page. Technical requests should be sent to our Technical Support Department.
How can I partner with your company to resell your service?
  • Send your request to Partnerships through the Contact Us page.
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